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Panel 11 - Psychosocial risks: shifting the perspective towards positive values

Thursday 28 June 2018, 15:30-17:00, room: France - interpretation: EN/FR

Work organization and management methods have rightly been identified as among the main psychosocial risk factors in workplaces today. Rather than discussing problematic situations once again, this panel will present an opportunity to hear and discuss innovative work organizations (e.g. self-organized companies, entreprise libérée) and alternative ways of managing people at work that have proven far less harmful for workers’ health. What are the core principles and values at play? What are the conditions for replicating these models? And where does the collective representation of workers fit into these models?

  • Thomas Coutrot, DARES - PPP
  • Laurent Ledoux, Equis,, Solvay Business School - PPP
  • Nadja Salson, European Federation of Public Service Unions - PPP

Moderator: Fabienne Scandella, European Trade Union Institute