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Panel 2 - Working conditions in an ageing society

Wednesday 27 June 2018 - 14:00-15:30 room: Netherlands III

Population ageing within the EU is one of most significant trends of the last few decades, and has had a significant impact on the labour market. The share of workers in the age groups 40-50 and 60+ has been growing constantly for years.  On the other hand, the age group 40 and below is gradually shrinking. The statutory retirement age is being postponed again and again... The panel will explore whether this fundamental change in the extent of working lives will have any impact on the political decisions being made about improvements in working conditions. Or, will the burden of an ageing workforce be paid solely by the workers themselves?

  • Sara Ramos, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa - PPP
  • Katalin Sas, EU-OSHA - PPP
  • Magdalena Warszewska-Makuch, Central Institute for Labour Protection-National Research Institute - PPP

Comments: Birgit Krämer, WSI of the Hans Böckler Foundation
Moderator: Laurent Vogel, European Trade Union Institute