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Panel 9 - Social protection beyond the basic income

Thursday 28 June 2018, 11:00-12:30, room: France - interpretation: EN/FR

Contemporary social protection systems are being questioned in the light of the mega-trends explored in this conference. The existing literature on social protection is copious in depicting the challenges and conceptualizing solutions. However, most challenges are dealt with in isolation and, hence, solutions are offered that are not necessarily sufficient to deal with the challenges they face.  Yet, social protection is a key element in understanding the implications of the four mega-trends: health care and pension spending are set to rise in the light of demographic changes; the changing labour market and family structures are challenging the ability of social security systems to hedge against life-risks; the forecast of a net loss of employment due to digitalisation is posing the question of where peoples’ income will come from; and, finally, globalisation and Europeanisation are undermining nation states’ ability to finance their welfare states.

This session aims to explore some of the current proposals for rethinking the social protection system in the light of these mega-trends. It will set out how one can understand the main issues to be dealt with in and by social protection systems, and examine four proposals for re-conceptualising or extending the social protection system. The ensuing debate will relate each of these ideas to the mega-trends affecting social protection systems and will aim to produce principles for ensuring that social protection will continue to fulfill its role in the future.

  • Christina Behrendt, International Labour Organization - PPP
  • Jonathan Portes, King's College, London - PPP
  • Sophie Swaton, Université de Lausanne - PPP
  • Frank Vandenbroucke, University of Amsterdam - PPP

Comments: Oliver Röpke, Austrian Trade Union Confederation Brussels and member of the EESC

Moderator: Józef Niemiec, European Trade Union Confederation