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23 May 2014, Residence Palace (room Polak), 155 Rue de la Loi, 1040 Bruxelles, 9.30h - 11.30h

ETUI Conference cycle: The social-ecological transition: the role of business and labour

Pavan Sukhdev Corporation 2020

One of the fundamental challenges of the 21st century will be how to move from a globalized economic model which is transgressing planetary and social limits to a new model of prosperity which is socially just and ecologically sustainable. The need for this “social-ecological” transition appears on the political agenda in the form of calls for a green, ‘circular’ economy and has been adopted by the trade union movement under the umbrella term of the “just transition”.

In this second conference in a new ETUI cycle on ‘the socio-ecological transition’, economist and author Pavan Sukhdev explained his vision for a new type of corporation which cares about its influence on society and communities, measures its impact on nature and on workers and social capital, and is open and transparent to all stakeholders.

The debate focused on the following questions:

  • What are the respective roles of shareholder capital and labour in driving the social-ecological transition? Do they need to change basic values and modi operandi to become real drivers of this fundamental change?
  • How does one redefine the notion of competitiveness in this new ‘Corporation 2020’ paradigm?
  • What does ‘Corporation 2020’ mean for a new awareness: citizens versus ‘consumers’, human capital versus ‘labour’, and industrial relations in the age of Corporation 2020?

Indian economist Pavan Sukhdev, a former banker for Deutsche Bank, was the brain behind the UN’s groundbreaking study: "The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity" (TEEB) and has developed a transition roadmap for big corporations in his recent book ‘Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World’.

Guest speaker: Pavan Sukhdev, economist, ex-banker and author of ‘Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World

Discussants: Józef Niemiec, Deputy General Secretary ETUC and Martina Bianchini, Chair of the Green Economy Task Force of the International Chamber of Commerce and Board Member of the Club of Rome Europe

Chair: Philippe Pochet, General Director of the ETUI

For more information on the first event of this conference cycle with Fatih Birol, please visit the dedicated webpage.

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