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9 July 2019, ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, ETUI meeting room 7th floor; 12h30 - 14h

Lunch debate: Revolt of the Laborers of Love: Organizing Teachers, Journalists and Museum workers in the U.S.

Speaker: Sarah Jaffe, U.S. journalist on labour issues, columnist for New Labor Forum and co-host of Dissent magazine's Belabored podcast
Comments: Kurt Vandaele, Senior researcher ETUI and Tijs Hostyn, Belgian Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (CSC/ACV)

Moderator: Philippe Pochet, General Director ETUI

Briefing: With the steady disappearance of industrial jobs in the U.S., the slack in the workforce has been taken up by the service economy and the so-called 'knowledge economy.' But these jobs have something else in common--an expectation, not present with industrial work, that the workers enjoy the work itself and work for the love of their job. Hence work regulation does not or should not apply to them. This expectation is not new, but it is growing and reaching into all corners of the workplace. Yet workers in these fields are resisting, finding new ways to challenge this ideological framework while winning concrete gains for themselves and their coworkers even as the Trump administration (all too often aided by Democrats) aims to strip away what remains of American labor protections. We will talk about the teacher strike wave, the new organizing among journalists and museum workers.

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A light lunch will be served from 12h in the meeting in the room.

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