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14 December 2017, ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, ETUI meeting room 7th floor; 13h00 - 14h30

Monthly forum: The rise of far-right parties and the future of the European Union

Alexandre Afonso, Assistant professor of public policy, Leiden university (NL)
Daphne Halikiopoulou, Associate Professor of comparative politics, university of Reading (UK)
Tim Vlandas, Associate professor of political economy, university of Reading (UK)
Karl Pichelmann, Senior advisor, European Commision-DG Ecfin

Comments: Thiébaut Weber, Confederal secretary, ETUC

Moderator: Philippe Pochet, General Director ETUI
The recent electoral success of far-right wing parties with explicitly anti-EU agendas has sparked a lively debate at both the national and EU levels on its causes and potential remedies. The debate on the ‘Future of Europe’ launched by the European Commission last Spring has been partly motivated by this phenomenon. This ETUI Monthly Forum brings together experts from academia, the EU and the trade unions who will discuss the following questions:

Does the recent economic crisis sufficiently explain the electoral success of far-right parties in Europe? Why have these parties been making electoral gains in some member states that have been affected by the recent economic crisis but not others?
What socio-economic policies do far-right parties pursue when they are in government? More specifically, what is their actual stance when in government regarding social policies and labour market deregulation?
What should and what can be done from an EU policies perspective to address the rise of far-right parties?
What role can trade unions play to stem the rising support for far-right parties?

A light lunch will be served from 12h30 in the room.

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