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15 September 2014, London, Wolfson Theatre, Lower Ground Floor, New Academic Building

NEUJOBS conference: Ageing society in Europe and UK: employment and policy challenges

This conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to discuss the consequences of ageing on employment, labour demand and supply, skills, working conditions, gender issues, and so forth.

It is an opportunity for European scholars and national stakeholders to meet and debate key strategies for dealing with ageing. Leading researchers from the NEUJOBS project will present their understanding of present and future challenges to European labour markets.

The day will conclude with a round table on policy solutions to the challenges of an ageing society. The panel with ETUI research director Maria Jepsen will draw on the ideas developed during the previous sessions to discuss how policies will need to adapt.

Online registration:

The number of seats is limited; if you are interested in participating, please register as soon as possible. Transport and accommodation costs are not covered by the organisers.

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Contact: European Social Observatory, rue Paul Emile Janson 13, BE–1050 Brussels - Phone: +322/537 19 71, Françoise Verri:

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