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Panel 17: Working conditions in the sharing economy – crowdwork

Wednesday 29 June, 09:00-10:30

The goal of this panel is to better understand the phenomenon of crowdworking by gaining an improved sense of crowdworkers’ needs, backgrounds and approximate numbers. Our general aim is to discuss online platforms and their effect on the competition landscape and as well as on working conditions.

  1. Introduction to the topic of the sharing economy, platform capitalism and crowdworking (AK Wien, Sylvia Kuba); overview of recent European studies on the topic of crowdworking
  2. Perspectives on how to gather more information on this new form of labour and on strategies for organising platform workers. Presentation of the ‘Crowdwork-Atlas’ project by IG Metall, Unionen and AK Wien (Michael Silverman, IG Metall)
  3. Discussion of possible ways of organising crowdworkers


Discussant: Kurt Vandaele, ETUI

Moderator: Sylvia Kuba and Fridolin Herkommer, AK 

Read the short summary of this panel debate.

For further reading:

The Impact of the Collaborative Economy on the Labour Market, Ilaria Maselli

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