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Panel 19: Negotiating the new world of work – what role for collective bargaining?

Wednesday 29 June, 09:00-10:30

The more flexible new world of work represents – with respect to working time arrangements, delocalisation of work and the emergence of entirely new forms of work organisation – manifold challenges for collective bargaining as a tool for regulation of the employment relationship. The aim of this panel is to explore the exact nature of the challenges and what these processes mean for the future of collective bargaining as a tool for regulating the new world of work. The panel will thus bring together representatives from different institutions dealing with collective bargaining at different levels. The key issues to be addressed in the discussion are the following: What is the role of collective bargaining in the new world of work? Which new issues should be addressed in negotiations and how? Does the new world of work lead to new constellations of actors and institutional arrangements in collective bargaining? What does all this mean for the transnational dimension of collective bargaining?


  • Thorsten Schulten, WSI - PRESENTATION
  • Benoit Gerits, industriAll Europe
  • Denis Pennel, Eurociett  


  • Torsten Müller (ETUI)

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