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Panel 23: Health and safety issues of digitalisation and robotics

Wednesday 29 June, 11:00-12:30

An important aspect of the future of work is how to organise and manage health and safety issues. In the digital and automated world, it is important to consider how humans can interact with emerging technologies, in which industrial sectors this is more prevalent, how robots can replace or complement human work, how to benefit from this and to what extent this could affect workers’ health and safety. This panel will discuss these questions from the point of view of different stakeholders.


  • Emmanuelle Brun, EU OSHA - PRESENTATION
  • Jan Popma, University of Amsterdam - PRESENTATION
  • Rebekah Smith, Business Europe  
  • Maria Bjerre, LO Denmark

Moderator: Marianne Detroyer, ETUI

Read the short summary of this panel debate. 

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