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Panel 4: Private services industry: at risk or new opportunities?

Monday 27 June, 14:00-15:30

This workshop will look at the challenges facing the European services industry and explore possible solutions. Key trends are an increase in atypical employment and the diffusion of new forms of work, coupled with an advance in European integration, companies operating across borders and the digital revolution. The European Commission recognised this development in its ‘Agenda for new skills and jobs’ (COM (2012) 682) and urged Member States in its ‘Employment Package’ (2012) to prevent the excessive use of non-standard employment and to establish decent and sustainable wages. Are the traditional concepts of ‘permanent employment’, ‘employer’ and ‘workplace’ disappearing? How can we ensure a service industry with sustainable and job-rich growth that provides inclusive quality employment to all group of workers, and innovative quality services to customers and society at large?


  • Christian Verschueren, Director-General EuroCommerce
  • Oliver Roethig, UNI Europa
  • Miia Järvi, PAM

Discussant: Ursula Holtgrewe, Centre for Social Innovation - PRESENTATION

Moderator: Franca Salis Madinier, CFDT

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