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Panel 5: Future of jobs in the digital network economy

Monday 27 June, 14:00-15:30

In the long run technology is likely to dramatically reshape labour markets and to generate a reallocation of the types of skills that will be needed by the workers of tomorrow. The nature of work, the form of employment, the place of work, the organisation of working time: all these aspects and many more will be subject to radical change. Who will win and who will lose as a result of the impact of new technologies? What will be the nature of the changes affecting employment, work and jobs as we know them?


  • Dalia Marin, Ludwig Maximilian University
  • Craig Holmes, Pembroke College Oxford - PRESENTATION
  • Tobias Kämpf, IFS - PRESENTATION
  • Ann Branch, European Commission, DG EMPL


  • Maria Helena André, ACTRAV


  • Bela Galgoczi, ETUI

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