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Panel 6: Organising and representing workers in the digital economy

Tuesday 28 June, 11:30-13:00

The digital economy has triggered changes in employment relations and given rise to new types of workers. In the area of e-commerce, online retailers like Amazon make use of a hypermobile workforce for meeting orders; these workers are subject to very close digital monitoring of their working time and also, frequently, to precarious working conditions. At the same time, digital technology has led, within the workforce, to an increase in the numbers of freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed persons, many of whom operate in a ‘grey’ zone in terms of labour and employment rights. While workplace solidarities are being reshaped, new windows of opportunity for labour advocacy have been opening up. This panel takes stock of strategies and initiatives devised by trade unions and other (new) actors and aimed at upholding and strengthening labour and social standards in the digital era.


  • Irene Mandl, Eurofound - PRESENTATION
  • Peter van den Bunder, FNV-KIEM - PRESENTATION
  • Grzegorz Cisoń, NSZZ Solidarność Amazon Fulfillment Poland
  • Eric Lee, LabourStart


  • Thiébaut Weber, ETUC


  • Magdalena Bernaciak, ETUI

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Contribution by Eric Lee

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