European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Plenary D: Employment

Tuesday 28 June, 9.00-11.00 Room: Belgium

It is not new that employment is undergoing profound changes in terms of contents, skills needs, job stability, contract types, working hours etc. The digitalisation of the economy, however, is raising fundamental questions with regard to whether the employment relation as we currently define it is fit for the future, whether paid employment will continue to be the main source of income, whether job destruction will be more important than the job creation.

This plenary will debate how employment can be understood in a digitalised economy. Is the future one based on the platform economy where workers offer their services or bid for tasks? Or will this remain a marginal phenomenon. What are the opportunities and challenges that the current employment relation is faced with? Are there regional differences in how digitalisation will affect paid employment? Are there differences across different groups in society according to skill levels, gender and age?



For further reading:

The Future of Work: the Idea of Work in Europe, D. Méda

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