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Plenary F: How to re-think labour law?

Wednesday 29 June, 13:30-15:30, Room: Belgium

There is an ongoing discussion to what extent digitalisation of the economy is re-shaping the employment relationship and challenging the existing body of labour law. This debate runs along the lines of whether the re-thinking of labour law should take its basis in existing legal instruments or whether digitalisation will spark a new concept of the economy and hence the need to reshape the principles of labour law. This plenary sessions aims at debating to what extent labour law needs to be re-thought and what new principles need to laid down in order to regulate work and protect employees. We would like the panellists to think in terms of solutions rather than challenges.

Questions that can be addressed are: If the digitalisation is fostering a revolution of the economy can the existing legal instruments be recalibrated to continue to protect employees or do we need to engage in creating a new paradigm for labour law? To what extent can we use the existing legislative body to regulate the new forms of employment relationships and new business models we see emerging? What should be the role of trade unions in this respect? What should be the role of politics in re-shaping labour law from both a national and international perspective?



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