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12 March - 13 March 2012, Jørlunde, Denmark

Towards Rio+20: A Sustainable New Deal for Europe, ETUC-ETUI Conference


In October last year the ETUC Executive Committee adopted its position in preparation for Rio+20. As a result of the on-going euro crisis and threat of economic depression in Europe, the limited results in the climate talks in South Africa and stalling investment in sustainable alternatives, together with rising unemployment and inequality, our attention is keenly focused on ensuring an alternative agenda and narrative, on promoting sustainable development accompanied by clear targets on sustainable growth, employment and social justice. These must be key themes also in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.

To raise the profile of these issues, we are currently organising an event in Denmark to prepare the European trade union movement’s activities in the run-up to Rio+2, in the context of the Danish EU Presidency. The event, which will be held on 12-13 March at the Danish Metalworkers’ School in Jorlunde, will bring together key academic thinkers and trade union activists to chart the alternative agenda.

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