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17 October - 19 October 2018, Vilnius, Holiday Inn

‘Training through Gaming’: ETUI’s EduDays conference to showcase using video games as a training aid

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The October conference organised by the ETUI’s Education Department will show trade union trainers how video games can be a useful educational tool in preparing trainees for the workplace of the future. The EduDays 2018 conference, which takes place in Vilnius from 17-19 October, will include presentations and hands-on demonstrations from experts in the emerging field of using games to develop social and cognitive skills.

The two and half day EduDays conference will also feature talks and presentations from the ETUI’s General Director,  Philippe Pochet, on the ‘Four Megatrends and the Future of Work’, and the Nordic Education group on ‘Working Together for the Future’, as well as networking events. Besides the gaming theme there will also be an emphasis on the importance of ‘Foresight’ activities in spotting future trends affecting trade union, in order to help prepare for them. Tom Wambeke, from the ITC-ILO will speak about ‘Foresight Education vs Foresight Training’, and the ETUI’s own  Foresight Unit will outline a number of possible scenarios for the trade union movement.

A key aim of the conference is also to evaluate the work programme of the ETUI EDU Department and to give input for the future programme. The first day of the event will be web-streamed live on the ETUI’s Facebook page.


Please come back on 17th October for a live web stream of the Edudays from Vilnius on this screen (also available on our Facebook page)

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