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New issue of Transfer on "work and employment grey zones" out now

transfer cover august 2018

The August 2018 edition of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, has just been published with a focus on ‘work and employment grey zones: new ways to apprehend emerging labour market norms.’

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New study shows that female-dominated sectors pay lower than average

Health care woman

Low pay is a major problem in certain parts of the public services - particularly those where women make up the majority of workers.

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ETUI seminar on carcinogens at work and chemical risks

The 14th edition of the ETUI’s annual seminar on workers’ protection and chemicals took place in Brussels on 21 and 22 June 2018. It brought together some 40 trade union members from across Europe with a view to coordinating trade union action on the fight against occupational cancers.

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Collective Bargaining June 2018

Find below the highlights of the latest issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level over the last month:

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EU Commission’ s country-specific recommendations for 2018-2019 show clear influence of the European Pillar of Social Rights, say ETUI researchers

Social Europe - yes we can

The ETUI’s analysis of the European Commission’s latest set of Country-specific Recommendations (CSRs) for 2018-2019, has been published. While this set of CSRs, published on 23 May 2018, is the eighth produced under the European Semester system since its launch in 2011, it is the first issued since the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) in November 2017. As a result, this years’ CSRs were much awaited as the Commission had already on several occasions indicated that the European Semester, and in particular the CSRs, were going to serve as the main vehicle for the implementation of the 20 Principles in the EPSR.

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500 Movers and shakers meet to discuss how to manage the future world of work

Four global mega trends that are radically changing the world of work – decarbonisation, digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change - cannot simply be left to the market and will bring changes that need to be anticipated and managed together, warn the European Trade Union Confederation and Institute (ETUC and ETUI).

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HesaMag n°17: All that glitters is not gold: the dark side of the beauty industry

The latest issue of HesaMag, the ETUI periodical dealing with occupational safety and health, investigates the working conditions in the beauty industry. Because they contribute to our wellbeing, beauty professionals are rarely seen as workers who face health and safety risks. And yet, those who take care of the body of others pay the price with their personal health.

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ETUI further develops its online learning project

The ETUI Education department has opened a new phase of its project for develop online learning for unions launched in 2015. A first course addressed to union trainers dealing with online training took place in late May and early June. This initiative aimed at sharing knowledge and best practice among training organisations.

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Social dialogue in football: 'a work in progress', says ETUI report


A new analysis of social dialogue in football suggests that recent moves by the Commission to foster a ‘European Model of Sport’ still have a long way to go in developing effective mechanisms for dialogue in the professional game.

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Collective Bargaining May 2018

CB image

Find below the highlights of the latest issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level over the last month:

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