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New issue of Transfer: internationalisation and trade union power

transfer cover

Most of the articles featured in the 2017 ‘open issue’ of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, analyse the challenges that workers are facing in different European countries due to the internationalisation of work practices and regulations, as well as the ways in which trade unions mobilise local and international resources to address these challenges.

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Belgian political parties favour co-determination of employees in company boards

meeting company board

Two weeks ago, the Flemish Green party of Belgium (Groen) approved a text calling for, among other things, employee representatives in company boards. The approval is mostly symbolic as the Green party has no detailed plan of how this form of co-determination should be organized. The congress text mentions the need for employee representatives to sit in company boards in order to foster the democracy and participation in organizations and as a means to support constructive relations between employers and employees on strategic company issues.

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The European Pillar of Social Rights: a fresh chance to rebalance the social and economic dimensions of European integration?

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On 8 November, the ETUI hosted a monthly forum to present the recent and timely work done by the institute’s own researchers on the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR). It is the second event in a series of activities by the ETUI that reflect on the nature of the EPSR, particularly in terms of its content and impact on labour and social rights.

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Start of a new edition of ETUI course for young trade union leaders

Group Young leaders

A new edition of the ETUI course “European training for young trade union leaders" took place in Bratislava on 10-14 October.

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Social health inequalities top of the agenda at ETUI’s ‘Work and Cancer’ conference

‘Workplaces are not merely spaces where people work – they are spaces where people live their lives. Anything which would be prohibited on grounds of consumer health or environmental protection should also be prohibited in workplaces.’ These were the words with which Laurent Vogel, a researcher at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), closed the ‘Work and Cancer’ conference organised by the ETUI on 14 and 15 November in Brussels.

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The European Pillar of Social Rights in historical perspective

Philippe Pochet

In the run to the special ‘Social Summit’ due to be held in Gothenburg tomorrow, where details of the European Pillar of Social Rights are expected to be announced, read hereunder the blog article by ETUI General Director Philippe Pochet calling the EU to rebalance social and economic concerns by mounting an ambitious social programme.

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The ETUI is looking for a researcher on ergonomics and working conditions

job vacancy

The ETUI is currently looking for a a researcher on ergonomics and working conditions to work in a team of around 7 researchers that covers a broad spectrum of occupational health and safety and working conditions issues from a European perspective.

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Occupational cancers in the European Union cost €270-610 billion each year

On 14 November, at the ‘Work and Cancer’ conference in Brussels, the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) presented the results of a study on the costs of work-related cancer in the European Union. The cost is immense: between €270 and €610 billion each year, which represents 1.8% to 4.1% of the gross domestic product of the European Union.

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Countdown to the EU Social Summit – 10 days on the road to Gothenburg – New EU Laws

The proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR), which is due to be proclaimed in Gothenburg, on the 17th of November, is not legally binding in itself.

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The Grigor Gradev Scholarship: Call for Applications - 2018

Grigor Gradev

One year ago our former colleague Grigor Gradev passed away. To keep the memory of Grigor and to continue his work, the ETUC and the ITUC have set up a scholarship with the ETUI to promote the thinking behind promoting workers’ rights and dignity in a Europe in circumstances of deep transformation and dire economic conditions. The three-month scholarship is aimed at young researchers who specialise in labour relations studies and who have a concrete research project focused on Central and Eastern Europe, the South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus or Central Asia on issues that refer to to improving workers’ rights and dignity.

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