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Experts tell ETUI seminar to expect tough choices in the next EU budget cycle


Against a backdrop of Brexit, the lingering effects of austerity and the rise of populism, the ETUI this week hosted an expert seminar on the European Commission’s proposals for the coming EU budget. The audience at the event was warned to expect difficult negotiations over national contributions and spending allocations. With little prospect of extra funding being made available to advance a more social Europe, trade unions would need to push to preserve and improve what is already in place.

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‘Training through Gaming’: ETUI’s EduDays conference to showcase using video games as a training aid

banner edudays 2018

Next month’s conference organised by the ETUI’s Education Department will show trade union trainers how video games can be a useful educational tool in preparing trainees for the workplace of the future. The EduDays 2018 conference, which takes place in Vilnius from 17-19 October, will include presentations and hands-on demonstrations from experts in the emerging field of using games to develop social and cognitive skills.

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ETUI debate asks, “can we create jobs in a ‘Post Growth’ World?”

The vital issue of how environmental sustainability can be achieved alongside social justice was debated at a meeting of experts this month hosted by the ETUI in Brussels. The ‘Post-Growth 2018’ conference on 20 September, which wrapped up a series of discussions that began two days earlier at the European Parliament, heard experts discuss whether, and if so how, combatting climate change can be reconciled with European’s demands for good jobs and a social safety net. With an increasing number of economists now calling for a low or even zero-growth society - against a backdrop of austerity, populism and the jobs threat from automation – the assembled economists, and trade unionists got to grips with the question of how to manage the Green transition in a socially-sustainable way.

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Racism in the workplace still a problem, experts say


Workers in Europe are still regularly exposed to racism and xenophobia at the workplace, according to experts attending a recent trade union seminar organised by the ETUC and ETUI. Speakers at the seminar, held in Brussels on 10 September, highlighted that racism does not always take the form of subtle discrimination but can also include explicit abuse. Delegates shared their experiences of discrimination and debated what unions can do to tackle the problem.

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TUC joins growing calls for a shorter working week

The UK’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) has become the latest European trade union confederation to call for a reduced working week, which ETUI researchers argue would deliver benefits of less stress, higher worker satisfaction and increased gender equality.

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Western Balkans failing to converge with EU, say researchers

Economic and social convergence between poorer and richer countries in the EU since the crisis is slowing and, in some cases, has gone into reverse, according to experts. Research articles in the latest issue of the SEER Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe, which focus on the Western Balkans, find numerous causes for concern about the slow pace of ‘catch-up’ in the region.

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Collective Bargaining July/August 2018

Find below the highlights of the latest issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level over the summer:

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New issue of Transfer on "work and employment grey zones" out now

transfer cover august 2018

The August 2018 edition of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, has just been published with a focus on ‘work and employment grey zones: new ways to apprehend emerging labour market norms.’

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New study shows that female-dominated sectors pay lower than average

Health care woman

Low pay is a major problem in certain parts of the public services - particularly those where women make up the majority of workers.

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ETUI seminar on carcinogens at work and chemical risks

The 14th edition of the ETUI’s annual seminar on workers’ protection and chemicals took place in Brussels on 21 and 22 June 2018. It brought together some 40 trade union members from across Europe with a view to coordinating trade union action on the fight against occupational cancers.

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