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Eurozone continues to break bad economic records

recession in Europe

Despite EU leaders’ stubborn obsession with austerity and their constant promises that economic recovery is around the corner, new figures out on 15 May showed the eurozone to be in recession for a sixth consecutive quarter. This gloomy news and recent record unemployment numbers will further undermine the credibility of the EU’s austerity medicine.

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European Union is the new ‘sick man of Europe’

European Union support

A majority of European citizens is losing faith in the European Union as a result of its harsh austerity policies and French support for the EU is declining at a dramatic speed. This is the conclusion of a new survey by the Pew Research Centre released this week.

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Nanomaterials: traceability needed to ensure safety


Given the large variety of manufactured nanomaterials and products containing them already on the market and the lack of specific regulation, several member states are establishing registries to record and keep track nanomaterials, mixtures and products containing them.

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Benchmarking Working Europe 2013 strengthens the case against Europe’s austerity policy

against austerity

Austerity is not working; it is leading to a diverging and fragmented Europe, rising anger with political elites and disenchantment with the European integration project. This is the main message of the Benchmarking Working Europe 2013 presented during a joint conference with the Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion on 23 April.

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Flaws in academic paper: will it change EU’s austerity mania?

Rogoff Reinhart

An influential paper written by American economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff made the headlines last week as several mathematical flaws in the influential work seemed to discredit the main arguments used by politicians to defend their harsh austerity policies.

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Parliament vote on carbon change reform: dark day for climate and “just transition”

Bela Galgoczi

On 16 April, the European Parliament rejected a Commission proposal to breathe new life into the carbon emissions’ trading scheme (ETS), the Union’s flagship instrument for fighting climate change. The vote clearly confirms once more how Europe’s economic and financial crisis has put the EU’s green agenda on a back burner.

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EU report reveals green jobs health risks

green jobs

"Are green jobs safe?" queries the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in a new report. The hefty tome reviews old and new risks from the recent growth in the green economy.

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Austerity policies are undermining Europeans’ health

Suicides, outbreaks of HIV infections, malaria and other diseases are becoming more common. In an article published in The Lancet on 27 March, a group of experts review the early impacts of austerity measures on health in Europe.

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Inequality and working conditions: the ‘exhaustion’ of labour

Philippe Askenazy

Growing inequality in Europe should not only be seen from the perspective of pressure on wages but also in terms of deteriorating working conditions at the workplace. Flexibility, intensification of work and loss of autonomy are key indicators of the “exhaustion” of the current productive model, according to French economist Philippe Askenazy.

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Andor offers no solace on EU HSW strategy


Is European Social Affairs Commissioner, Hungary’s Lazlo Andor, really ready to go all out to bat for a new European health and safety at work (HSW) strategy? That is what the hundred-strong audience for his speech on 27 March at an ETUI conference on HSW might well have been asking themselves.

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