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7 June 2018

Collective Bargaining May 2018

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Find below the highlights of the latest issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level over the last month:

1. Denmark – The trade unions, representing 180,000 state workers and 
around 500,000 municipality workers, concluded a collective agreement 
that met most of their demands. The main highlights are an 8.1 % 
economic increase over the next 3 years and the fact that public sector workers will 
benefit from a real wage increase matching wage developments in the 
private sector and specific pay rise targeting low-wage public sector 
workers’ professions including specific provisions to bridge the gender 
pay gap.
2. Italy – Amazon gave in under trade union pressure and agreed to end 
inhumane work schedules. The agreement between Amazon Italy and the 
trade unions is a first in the entire company’s history. The deal that 
supplements the nationwide sectoral collective labour agreement, ensures 
fairness in scheduling through reductions in mandatory night shifts and 
distributing weekend work in a just way.
3. Luxembourg – Trade unions OGBL, LCGB, and Aleba concluded a 
collective agreement with the banking association ABBL. The bargaining 
result will introduce new classification and remuneration systems and 
has a clause that will lead to an increase of the June 2018 bonuses by 10%.
4. Romania – Health care workers have called off their strike after the 
government agreed to cover recent wage cuts. The government agreed with 
the unions to cover losses starting from 1 May 2018. In return, the unions 
cancelled the scheduled walkout.
5. UK – TUC-findings show that 3,820,000 workers are in insecure forms 
of employment. This is 11.9% of the UK-workforce, or 1 in 9 workers. 
Many workers in the ‘gig economy’ are denied key workplace rights, 
including protection from unfair dismissal.

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