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6 December 2018

Collective Bargaining November 2018

collective bargaining

Find below the highlights of the latest issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level over the last month:

1. Europe - At the Black Friday shopping event, hundreds of Amazon workers in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK staged mass walkouts. They protested against poor working conditions and low wages at Amazon under the slogan ‘we are not robots’.

2. Croatia- One of the country’s leading combine harvester production plants has managed to successfully tackle labour shortages by a massive improvement of working conditions. The company has offered workers a permanent contract and a wage increase of 20% in an effort to find properly skilled workers and to motivate the stay of the existing workforce.  

3. Germany – The construction workers union IG BAU and the Federation of German Roofing Contractors finally agreed on a new collective agreement. Besides a one-time payment of 360 euro for union members the approximately 80 000 employees in the sector will get a pay rise of 2.7% from December 2018 and an additional 2.9% in October 2019.

4. Slovenia - After weeks of negotiations and strike actions, government and three public sector trade unions came to an agreement on wage increases that are said to be worth more than 300 million euro. The agreement was made with SVIZ union of teachers and two unions representing health care employees.

5. Finland - Conflict between government and trade unions over a labour market escalated steadily this autumn, resulting in strikes and other forms of industrial action. Government, unions and the private sector have now reached an agreement on the new bill as government took back proposed rules that would make it easier for firms employing fewer than 20 persons to fire workers.

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