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8 May 2017

Collective bargaining developments April 2017

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Here are the most important developments at European and member state level from the April issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter:

1. Bulgaria – The signing of a collective agreement ended a conflict between the miners at the Obrochishte manganese mine in North-eastern Bulgaria and the mine's owner. The signing of the agreement was announced by the national ombudsman.

2. France – The trade unions and the management of Crédit Agricole have concluded a national framework for the right to be offline. The formulated policy can be applied in the negotiations of local agreements. The deal is based on a guide that was prepared by trade union representatives.
3. Ireland – The government is preparing a proposal to award some 300,000 public sector workers a pay rise of 6% over three years as part of a deal on their remuneration. It is also expected to seek significant reform of the pensions for state employees as part of forthcoming talks.

4. Italy – Two-thirds of Alitalia workers rejected a management restructuring plan to cut jobs and salaries that had been agreed with unions. After these developments, it is likely that the government will call in an administrator to draft an alternative rescue plan.

5. Sweden - Amendments to the Posting of Workers Act, the act containing provisions on what applies when foreign companies use posted workers, will give the trade unions the right to take collective action against workplaces with foreign labour which have not entered into a collective agreement.

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