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4 July 2017

Collective bargaining developments June 2017

collective bargaining newsletter

Here are the most important developments at European and member state level from the June issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter:

1. Estonia – In the mining company Enefit Kaevandused, an agreement was reached between management, the miners' and energy workers' independent trade union and the Narva Energy Trade Union (NETU). In another Eesti Energia subsidiary, Enefit Energiatootmise AS, NETU also signed a collective agreement.

2. Luxembourg – Trade unions OGBL and LCGB had to go a long way before they could reach an agreement; the negotiations for the hospital sector with the FHL Hospital Federation took 2 years. The collective agreement leads to substantial improvements for all 9,000 hospital workers.

3. The Netherlands – Trade union FNV won an important battle in the court room. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in favour of four care workers sacked in a prepacked bankruptcy deal. The FNV initiated the case after the four lost their jobs when childcare group Estro went bust in 2014 and restarted directly after as Smallsteps.

4. Slovakia – At Volkswagen SK the first ever strike started in June 2017. After six days of strike action, the bargaining partners concluded a collective agreement with of pay increase in three parts of 14.2% up to August 2019, plus a €500 one-off bonus. 

5. Switzerland - Zurich’s government has stated that UberPop drivers who do not have a taxi permit are operating illegally and could be fined. Moreover, the national post carrier SBB decided not to make use of the Uber after pressure from the trade unions.

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