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13 November 2017

Countdown to the EU Social Summit – 10 days on the road to Gothenburg – New EU Laws

The proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR), which is due to be proclaimed in Gothenburg, on the 17th of November, is not legally binding in itself.

The ETUC is calling for new EU laws to enforce the social rights that are enshrined within the Social Pillar, as part of the initiative to ensure that the EPSR is more than a set of promises.

The ETUI’s new Working Paper, ‘Bridging the gap or falling short? The European Pillar of Social Rights and what it can bring to EU-level policymaking’, tackles all aspects of the legal challenges facing the EPSR. Covering primary law, secondary law and soft law. See link at the bottom of the page to access this timely report.

The ETUC statement on a set of new laws is part of a broader trade union initiative pushing for a stronger EPSR, to be adopted and fully implemented.  The European Trade Union movement is recommending 10 steps on the road to Gothenburg, each providing practical support to ensure that the social rights embedded in the EPSR, become a reality.

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