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6 July 2017

María Luz Rodríguez, former Spanish vice-Minister of Employment joins the ETUI

María Luz Rodríguez

The ETUI is delighted to welcome María Luz Rodríguez, Associate Professor in Labor and Social Security Law at Castilla-La Mancha University (Spain) as associate researcher for the month of July. She will be conducting a research on crowdworkers and platform capitalism in the framework of the Foresight Unit.

María Luz Rodríguez holds a PhD in Law from the Valladolid University (1999) and she is a former Assistant Professor at Valladolid University and Carlos III University. Besides her academic carrier, she was also a member of Spanish Parliament XI Legislature and vice-Minister of Employment in Spanish Government (2010-2012).

She published several books, on labour law and collective bargaining in Spanish. Please find a selection here below: Negociación colectiva, igualdad y democracia, Negociación Colectiva y Solución de Conflictos Laborales, La Estructura de la Negociación Colectiva and El Incidente de no Readmisión

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