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4 December 2017

New issue of Transfer: internationalisation and trade union power

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Most of the articles featured in the 2017 ‘open issue’ of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, analyse the challenges that workers are facing in different European countries due to the internationalisation of work practices and regulations, as well as the ways in which trade unions mobilise local and international resources to address these challenges.

The issue also includes an article by the winner of the Transfer Young Author Prize: a young scholar, Judith Christina Stroehle, who presented her paper at the 11th European Regional Congress of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) in Milan in September 2016.

The article by Eli Moen on the weakening of trade union power shows how the management of Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) used the economic crisis as an opportunity to delocalise employment and increase atypical employment in order to strengthen managerial prerogatives, undermine and change the legal framework in the country and ultimately weaken the position of the trade unions. By means of this case study Moen touches upon two important challenges for labour in Europe: the increase in new forms of employment and the weakening of the political and bargaining position of unions. Although these two challenges are often treated separately, she argues that there is a need to analyse them together because atypical employment undermines unionisation and weakens the societal position of trade unions. 

You can download the article free of charge until 27 December 2017 from the SAGE website of Transfer.  

You can find more information about Transfer here.

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