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Occupational Welfare in Europe: Risks, opportunities and social partner involvement

David Natali and Emmanuele Pavolini with Bart Vanhercke


Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2017

Bart Vanhercke, Sebastiano Sabato and Denis Bouget 

European social dynamics 2018

European social dynamics: a quantitative approach

Christophe Degryse, Philippe Pochet


The cost of occupational cancer in the EU-28

Daniel Vencovsky, Meg Postle, Dr Fritz Kalberlah, Jana Vencovska, Teresa Fenn, Elizabeth Daly, Dr James Hanlon, Dr Kate Osborne

pillar of social rights ETUI 2016

Reprotoxins that should be subject to limit values for workers’ exposure

Henning Wriedt (Occupational Health & Safety Advice Centre, Hamburg, Germany)


Improving productivity: the case for employee voice and inclusive workplace practices

Andreas Kornelakis, Michail Veliziotis and Horen Voskeritsian


The why and how of working time reduction

Stan De Spiegelaere (ETUI) and Agnieszka Piasna (ETUI) 

health and safety at work in 2040 2017

Occupational safety and health in 2040: Four scenarios

Aída Ponce del Castillo (ETUI) and Sascha Meinert (IPA, Berlin)

epigenetics and chemical risk management at the workplace 2017

Epigenetics and chemical risk management in the workplace

Dr Rokus Renirie and Dr Hildo Krop (IVAM, Research and Consultancy on Sustainability)


The Social Scoreboard revisited

Contributors : Béla Galgóczi, Aline Hoffmann, Maria Jepsen, Torsten Müller, Martin Myant, Agnieszka Piasna and Sotiria Theodoropoulou (ETUI)

HesaMag 17 2018
Transfer Labour Mobility May 2016 2017
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