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Background analysis

The country-specific recommendations (CSRs) in the social field. An overview and comparison. Update including the CSRs 2018-2019

Stefan Clauwaert (ETUI)

Publication date : 2018

Number of pages : 75

This paper provides an overview of the CSRs in the field of employment and social policies and, in particular, an update of previous similar ETUI research. It provides a brief ‘statistical’ comparison between the CSRs issued in 2018-2019 as proposed by the Commission on 23 May 2018 and compares them to previous CSRs in the period from 2011 to 2017. Furthermore it contains a country-by-country overview of the ‘social recommendations’ received by Member States and of their clarifying recitals. A final version of this paper, with more comparative data, will be available as soon as the Council has endorsed and formally adopted the CSRs at its meetings of end of June (general Council) and mid-July (ECFIN).

Collection: 2018.01
ETUI, Brussels

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