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These publications detail the results of internal research projects as well as the activities that have been undertaken by different external research networks; in some cases they are annual publications on specific issues.

Benchmarking Working Europe 2018


Analysing the state of 'working Europe' with the aid of a multi-level and multi-dimensional set of indicators and thus assessing what current EU policies have achieved or have not achieved, the Benchmarking Working Europe 2018 demonstrates that, despite renewed economic growth in GDP terms, the proceeds of this growth are being unequally shared and structural problems in the areas of education, infrastructure and R&D remain due to the EU's obsession with labour market deregulation and fiscal austerity.

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Occupational Welfare in Europe: Risks, opportunities and social partner involvement

David Natali and Emmanuele Pavolini with Bart Vanhercke


This new edited volume on occupational welfare in Europe is based on research projects coordinated by the European Social Observatory (OSE) It focuses on recent developments in the field of pensions and unemployment-related schemes in nine countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

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  • Unemployment, internal devaluation and labour market deregulation in Europe

    Martin Myant, Sotiria Theodoropoulou, Agnieszka Piasna (ETUI)

    Unemployment rates in the EU rose after the economic crisis of 2008, passing 10% in 2012, but with big variations between countries. The worst afflicted had been subject to so-called policies of internal devaluation, aimed at curing unemployment by reducing wage costs. This book provides a comparative study of countries that to varying degrees followed that road (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland) set against others that did not (Germany, UK, Poland).