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Benchmarking Working Europe 2018

Publication date : 2018

Number of pages : 94

This year's Benchmarking Working Europe focuses on whether the European Union is really on the path towards convergence.

Analysing the state of 'working Europe' with the aid of a multi-level and multi-dimensional set of indicators and thus assessing what current EU policies have achieved or have not achieved, the Benchmarking Working Europe 2018 demonstrates that, despite renewed economic growth in GDP terms, the proceeds of this growth are being unequally shared and structural problems in the areas of education, infrastructure and R&D remain due to the EU's obsession with labour market deregulation and fiscal austerity.

ETUC and ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 978-2-87452-469-1, ISBN 978-2-87452-470-7 (pdf)

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