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Chinese investment in Europe: corporate strategies and labour relations

Jan Drahokoupil

Publication date : 2017

Number of pages : 275

Edited by :

China’s global outward foreign direct investment (FDI) has increased substantially over the last decade, with Europe as a key destination. The upsurge in Chinese outward FDI indicates a rebalancing of global political-economic relations, with China and its companies acquiring new roles and gaining economic power. Bringing together research on the rise of Chinese multinational companies and their activities in Europe, this book focuses on the business strategies of Chinese investors and on employment relations in Chinese-owned companies in Europe.

It addresses the topic on three levels: it analyses the emergence of major ‘challenger multinationals’ that have risen from a peripheral position to become global market leaders, maps the patterns of Chinese investment in Europe, and includes case studies that show the diversity of these investments. The book aims to provide a holistic overview of Chinese activities in Europe, with individual chapters focusing on key sectors and covering the different types of investment across the continent.

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ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 978-2-87452-454-7, ISBN 978-2-87452-455-4 (pdf)

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