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Labour and trade unions in China

 Rolf Geffken (ICOLAIR)

Publication date : 2006

Number of pages : 172

Author(s) :


Rolf Geffken (ICOLAIR)

 Twenty years of continuous economic growth, with annual rates of up to 10%, have significantly increased the economic and also the political weight of the People's Republic of China. Indeed, China is on the way to becoming a global economic power. However, this process of growth has produced not just winners, but also losers. Alongside growing pressure on resources, and multifaceted environmental damage, an increasingly inequitable income distribution and widespread social conflict are the accompanying features of this development.


 In this situation the question of the rights of employees and their organisations takes on considerable importance for the future development of the country. In this new and rapidly changing situation the author has made a path-breaking attempt to analyse Chinese labour law and the Chinese trade unions from political-economic and legal perspectives.


 The book is an essential reference for all economists, legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, sinologists, politicians and trade unionists interested in the new China.

ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 2-87452-042-X

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