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The implementation of the Machinery Directive

Stefano Boy (ETUI) A delicate balance between market and safety

Publication date : 2005

Number of pages : 137

Author(s) :

Sandra Limou (Institut du Travail, University of Strasbourg)

Publication date: 2003

The EU's Machinery Directive has now been in force for ten years, but we still know little enough about how it is being applied in Member States' own systems. The ETUI Health and Safety department saw a pressing need to look in detail at how it was being implemented and draw the key conclusions from the way it is working, particularly as the European internal market opens up to ten new member states and the Directive itself is in the throes of revision.

The study examines practical issues of interpretation and application, as well as the responsibilities of employers, manufacturers and suppliers, and the challenges of market surveillance. The study covers four Member States: Germany, Finland, France and Italy.

ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 2-930003-46-4

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