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Guides are documents that present an issue in a clear and simple manner and are designed for trainers and/or trade union representatives to support their work.

Anticipating change, staying relevant: why trade unions should do foresight

Aïda Ponce Del Castillo (ETUI)

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Why do foresight? To look at reality from different perspectives.
Like any organisation, trade unions have to navigate a complex and interconnected environment where they face constant and evolving social, economic, environmental and technological realities. Foresight can help trade unions by shedding light on ‘blind spots’, enable them to make better decisions and shape different possible futures.

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ETUI learning approach

Gabriela Portela (ETUI)

leaflet ETUI learning approach

ETUI Education offers a distinctive European Trade union training programme in a multicultural setting.

We provide high quality training on key competences, skills and knowledge to European Trade union members and officers, that is focused on strengthening and expanding the sense of belonging to a common community.

In this guide you will have an insight into our learning approach, our mission and impact of our training programmes and learning pathways.

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  • This document contains the full text of the REACH regulation.