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English for European Trade Unionists Level 4 (Advanced)

Publication date : 2008

This fourth (and highest) level of language learning materials is designed to improve the English ability of European trade unionists, who already have a very good grasp of the language. It contains relevant reading, writing and listening activities and exercises based on authentic texts and situations within a trade union context. This level consists of an introductory unit on Language Learning Strategies plus five more specific units entitled:

Working Women; Workers of the World; European Works Councils; Trade unions and the Environment; The Changing World of Work.

All units, study guides and listening and viewing activites are available on CD-ROM and DVD, which can be purchased from ETUI Education (at the price of 20 Euros for this level). Hard copies of printed materials for this level can also be purchased on request (at an additional cost of 15 Euros).
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