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Preventing work cancers. A workplace health priority

Marie-Anne Mengeot (Journalist)

Publication date : 2014

Number of pages : 80

Author(s) :

Marie-Anne Mengeot (Journalist)

With the collaboration of :

Tony Musu and Laurent Vogel (ETUI)

Cancers are the main cause of death by poor working conditions in Europe, but have received scant regard from Community policies of the past decade. The political context is against effective prevention of long-term factors that do not put a direct cost on business. This brochure shows how the fight against work cancers can be won if trade unions and public authorities adopt coherent strategies. It takes a solid look at the history and causes of work-induced cancers and provides tools for collective prevention. It is aimed at trade unionists, scientists, public health practitioners and policy-makers.

Collection: Guides
ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 978-2-87452-311-3

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