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The European Social Fund 2007-2013: a handbook for trade unions

Publication date : 2010

Number of pages : 102

Author(s) :

John Monks (ETUC), Claude Denagtergal (ETUC), Dominique Be (European Commission), Roberto Pettenello (CGIL), Frank Vaughan (ICTU), Charlotta Krafft (SACO), Alan Manning (TUC), Marie-France Boutroue (CGT), Roman Jaich (DGB)

With the collaboration of :


Edited by :

Silvana Pennella, ETUI

The 2nd edition 2010 of the handbook (1st edition was in 2007) is a follow-up to the more general “Guide for Trade Unionists” issued by the ETUC on the earlier edition of the Structural Funds from 2000-2006. It aims to provide general information on the new structure of the ESF for the years 2007-2013, whilst providing targeted support to the trade union colleagues from the new 12 Member States, who are participating in the ESF for the first time. Trade unionists are shown how they can get involved in the ESF as a means of bolstering the employment and innovation policies in their countries. The ETUC is aware of the importance of high-quality partnerships for its work and has stressed that the ESF is the only European Fund that relies on the active participation of the social partners in its European Committee.
Published originally in 15 languages in 2007, it has been updated taking into consideration the support that ESF offers in areas with immediate relevance to the financial and social crisis with its huge impact on workers, disadvantaged and unemployed workers, youth.

ETUI aisbl, ETUC (Brussels), ISBN 978-2-87452-188-1, ISBN 978-2-87452-186-7 (pdf)

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