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HesaMag #20 Migrant workers in Fortress Europe

Laurent Vogel and Mehmet Koksal

HesaMag 20

Fortress Europe may be erecting barricades to shut out the rest of the world, but these barricades are encountering resistance in the form of numerous new initiatives launched not only by groups of migrants who have banded together to fight for their rights, but also by other organisations acting in solidarity and out of a desire to build a fairer future. Trade unions – which from their very inception have striven to overcome the divisions and hatred that do nothing but harm workers – have also lent their support to these developments.

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  • HesaMag is a magazine all about health and safety at work, published in English and French. it is published twice a year, and sets out to show that occupational health is not just something for specialists but both a big political issue and a daily concern for millions of workers.