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Services employment in Europe

Gintare Kemekliene, Heather Connolly, Maarten Keune and Andrew Watt Now and in the future

Publication date : 2007

Number of pages : 64

Edited by :

Gintare Kemekliene, Heather Connolly, Maarten Keune and Andrew Watt

This report served as background paper for the UNI-Europa Conference in Athens on 23-25 April 2007.

The service sector is the biggest employer in the EU and is also the main source of new jobs in European economies. Furthermore employment in the service sector will continue to grow as a share of total employment. This publication outlines the impact the rise of the service sector has had on employment and some of the challenges and opportunities that are facing trade unions as a result. While trade unions find it challenging to respond to a sector that is undergoing continuous change the report shows that the sheer growth of services employment also represents a tremendous opportunity. Many service sector workers are in urgent need of the support and protection that union membership can offer as they seek to improve their working lives. They constitute a large pool of potential members. The challenge for trade unions is to seize this opportunity, increase membership and strengthen trade union influence in this fast growing part of the labour market.

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ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 978-2-87452-101-0, ISBN 978-2-87452-102-7 (pdf)

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