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Working Papers

Publications that present ongoing or already concluded research and are intended for academics and other specialists.

Drifting into labour market insecurity? Labour market reforms in Europe after 2010

Sotiria Theodoropoulou (ETUI)


This working paper examines the impact of fiscal austerity on EU labour market policies. Using a case study approach, it examines: the extent of change in unemployment benefit levels and policies; the effect of this on groups of workers; and whether the logic of activation policies has shifted. Overall, the broad direction of policy has not altered greatly under austerity. However, risks remain that an underlying move towards greater flexibility may lock in ‘low road’ growth strategies that will make it harder to bring down debt and unemployment in future.

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European social dynamics: a quantitative approach

Christophe Degryse (ETUI), Philippe Pochet (ETUI)

European social dynamics

This working paper tries to understand, through the cross-analysis of two databases, the gradual evolution of Social Europe in terms of processes and results.

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