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Working Papers

Publications that present ongoing or already concluded research and are intended for academics and other specialists.

How to redesign the fiscal regime of the Eurozone: an alternative take on lessons from US and Eurozone experiences

Jörg Bibow


This Working Paper examines options for the design of a workable fiscal union for the euro area. It provides a comparative study of fiscal institutions in the US and euro area in order to supply lessons from the operation of the US fiscal regime that could inform the design of the, hitherto dysfunctional, euro regime.

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Work in deregulated labour markets: a research agenda for precariousness

Valeria Pulignano


This Working Paper tackles two questions: what counts as work within a deregulated labour market; and what are the implications for the study of precariousness?

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Work in the platform economy: Deliveroo riders in Belgium and the SMart arrangement

Jan Drahokoupil (ETUI) and Agnieszka Piasna (ETUI)


This paper presents a case study of the food delivery platform, Deliveroo, in Belgium in 2016-2018. The case offers insights on the nature of platform work, the workers who perform it, the preferences of workers, the strategy of the platforms, and the role of local regulations.

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