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Following the 'organising model' of British unions?

Kurt Vandaele (ETUI, Janine Leschke (ETUI) Organising non-standard workers in Germany and the Netherlands

Publication date : 2010

Number of pages : 45

Author(s) :

Kurt Vandaele (ETUI, Janine Leschke (ETUI)

Over the last three decades trade unions in almost all European countries have been losing members. In particular non-standard workers (part-time employed, temporary employed and own- account self-employed) are currently less likely than those on standard contracts to be organised in unions. The paper, which is based on a literature review, has a twofold purpose. A first objective is to provide a survey of the initiatives developed by trade unions in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK for organising non-standard workers. A second objective is to assess whether, and to what extent, the Dutch and German unions are influenced by British union practices for recruiting new members and among them non-standard workers.

Collection: 2010.02
ETUI, Brussels, ISSN 1994-4446, ISSN 1994-4454 (pdf)

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