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Industrial relations in Czechia

  • National trade union confederations
    • CMK OS Czech Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions

The state of labour market reforms in Czechia

  • Background summary (last update: September 2016)
    • Important amendment of the Labour Code was adopted by the right-leaning government headed by Civic Democrats in the context of economic crisis. The flexibility of the labour market has been considerably increased but the changes did not take into consideration the views of trade unions. The present social-democratic government aims at introducing new amendments to the labour-related legislation based on a consensus of the social partners. Read more.
  • ETUI publications related to labour reforms

The state of pension reforms in Czechia

  • Background summary (last update: September 2016)
    • Numerous changes introduced into the pension system since 2000 have been driven by the effort to increase the financial sustainability of the pension system. The establishment of the second pillar has failed. Thus, the most important changes consist of increasing the pensionable age and adjusting the required contributory period. Read more.


Strikes: latest developments and data

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