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Industrial relations in the Netherlands

  • National trade union confederations
    • CNVNational Federation of Christian Trade Unions
      (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond)
    • FNVNetherlands Trade Union Confederation
      (Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging)
    • VCPTrade union federation for Professionals
      (Vakcentrale voor Professionals)
  • Trade union-related research institute (member of the TURI network):
  • ETUI publications:
    • Book 'Rough waters. European trade unions in a time of crises' – chapter 'Dutch unions in a time of crisis' (May 2017)

The state of labour market reforms

  • Background summary (last update: Oct 2016)
    • Although relatively unscathed by the debt crisis that resulted in dramatic reforms to the labour market in several European countries, the labour market in the Netherlands has nonetheless undergone profound change involving strong growth in temporary jobs and self-employment, prompting the authorities to correct a number of excesses. Read more.

The state of pension reforms

Strikes in the Netherlands

  • Background summary (last update: Oct 2016)
    • The compromise-seeking culture has heavily curbed recourse to strike action. One of the notable facts about the Netherlands is that the right to strike is not recognised either in the Constitution or in law. Judicial case-law alone recognises the right to strike as fundamental. Read more.

Latest EU Commission documents for the Netherlands

Translations into Dutch are available