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22 February 2017

Slovenia: Increase in minimum wage exceeds rise in inflation

Under 2010 legislation, and after consulting the social partners, the government decided on 20 January 2016 to increase the minimum wage by 1.8 %, bringing it up to EUR 805 gross.

Under Slovenian legislation, the minimum wage may be adjusted in line with the change in inflation, taking account, too, of economic conditions, growth, changes in the employment situation and wages. After a year without any increase in 2015, because of deflation, the minimum wage, which had remained at EUR 790.73 gross (EUR 604 net), will increase in 2017 to compensate for the inflation recorded in 2016 (+0.5%). During the consultations of the social partners, the employers asked for the increase in the minimum wage not to exceed that of inflation.

The Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia (ZSSS), supported by the country’s six other trade unions, called for a 5 % increase in light of the economic situation and the fact that there had not been an increase since 2015, which had only seen a rise of 0.2 %. Finally, the government announced on 20 January that it had decided to increase the minimum wage by 1.8 % on 31 January 2017. The ZSSS President acknowledges that this decision does not fully satisfy the trade unions, but it also disregards the employers’ demand for an increase of just 0.5%. The minimum wage is now almost EUR 805 gross (EUR 614 net), and it affects around 22 700 employees in the private sector and 8 100 in the public sector, according to ZSSS.

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