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Better regulation and REFIT

The ETUI has analysed and monitored recent developments in the Better Regulation agenda which is pursued by the European Commission. A systematic analysis of the health and safety dimension has been carried out, providing a good basis for an analysis of broader governance issues linked to new forms of regulation.

The ETUI has published two reports which show that another aim is gradually taking over from the original objectives of simplifying the acquis and improving the quality of legislation. By focusing on the competitiveness of private businesses and the reduction of their administrative burden, the European Commission tends to neglect the importance of legislative harmonisation and the fundamental rights of other stakeholders, such as workers or citizens. The ETUI currently analyses the ‘fitness check’ programme (REFIT) launched by the European Commission on Information and Consultation Directives and assists the ETUC in this institutional process.

On 19 May 2015, the Juncker Commission presented its 'Better Regulation' package.


Laurent Vogel Senior Researcher


Zane Rasnača Senior Researcher

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