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Future of the EU

On the 1st of March 2017, the European Commission published the new White Paper on the future of Europe.

The White Paper presents five possible scenarios for a future European Union.

The five scenarios are described in the Commission's document as follows:

  1. Carrying on: continuing with the delivery of the reform agenda of the Juncker Commission.
  2. Nothing but the single market: re-centering exclusively on the single market.
  3. Those Who Want More, Do More: one or more 'coalitions of the willing' do more in specific areas such as defence, internal security or social matters.
  4. Doing Less, More Efficiently: delivering faster in some areas while doing less in others.
  5. Doing Much More Together: Member States decide to share more power, resources and decision-making in all areas.

In 2017, the EU Commission organised a series of 'Future of Europe' debates and contribute to the debate with five 'reflection papers' on

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