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Economic trends & policies

Economic performance and developments are the primary determinants of the living standards of working people and their opportunities for gainful and high-quality employment.

Economic policies within the EU are set in a complex, multi-level political-institutional framework with shared competence between the Member States and European-level bodies. True also in more ‘normal’ times, the financial and economic crisis has brought home these facts. In addition the crisis has also raised key questions regarding economic governance in Europe. Trade unions are concerned both in term of the impact of economic developments and policies on their members’ interests and also institutionally, as actors in policymaking at both national and European levels. The ETUI monitors both economic trends and economic policies, taking both a comparative (national) perspective and an integrated, European view. A focus of the research is the evolving economic governance institutions in Europe.

The sub topics of this section are:


    Jeffrey Franks, Europe Office Director, IMF on rethinking social protection and the sharing economy

    Mark Keese, OECD, on impact of digitalisation on jobs