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Economic governance

The debate about economic governance has been a key element within the broader debate about European integration.

Economic policies within the EU are set in a complex, multi-level political-institutional framework with shared competence between the Member States and European-level bodies. Within the euro area, monetary policy is completely Europeanised, whereas fiscal policy, for instance, but also wage-setting, remain largely national (or even regional) in nature. The economic crisis has raised serious questions about the sustainability of this policy and institutional mix, which is currently under review, with pressure for greater European involvement in areas in which governments and also social partners have until now been largely unconstrained. The ETUI monitors these developments and provides critical analyses and has developed reform proposals.


    Interview Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner-designate for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs

    Interview Prakash Loungani, Advisor, Research Department IMF 26.09.14


Sotiria Theodoropoulou Senior Researcher and Head of Unit II, European economic, employment and social policies